Eid and Ramadan Icon Pack

Eid and Ramadan Icon Pack

Welcome to freepicker1.com.Looking to add a festive touch to your digital creations? Introducing the Eid and Ramadan icon pack! This vivid collection includes a beautiful selection of icons that capture the essence of these joyous occasions.

These symbols will bring the spirit of Eid and Ramadan into your social media visuals, presentations, and digital invitations. This set has a wide range of symbols, including crescent moons, lanterns, mosque silhouettes, and traditional delicacies, to suit every design need.

Eid and Ramadan Icon Pack
Eid and Ramadan Icon Pack

Different types of icons included

Line Gradient

basic line icons
basic line icons

Line Gradient” is a sleek technique that seamlessly blends two colors along a line, adding depth to designs effortlessly. It’s a versatile tool suitable for various design projects, from logos to web elements. With its simplicity and impactful results, mastering basic line gradients can elevate the visual appeal of your creations with ease.


glyph icons
glyph icons

Glyphs are graphic symbols used in typography to symbolise characters or groups of characters, making written communication more readable and visually interesting.

Mixed Line Solid

Mixed Line Solid icons
Mixed-line Line Solid icons

Mixed Line Solid refers to a design technique where solid lines are interspersed with alternating patterns or textures, creating a dynamic visual effect. This approach adds depth and complexity to designs, making them more visually engaging and intriguing. Whether used in illustrations, web design, or branding, Mixed Line Solid offers a versatile way to add interest and creativity to various projects.

Features & Options

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator and even other software that is compatible with vector and pdf files
  • 51 files in each format
  • Compress: 34.5 MB
  • All strata are organised, titled, and marked.

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