Business card mockup with card box

Business card mockup with card box

Welcome to! We offer premium-quality business card mockups and design resources for all your branding needs. Explore our curated collection today to elevate your designs and unlock new possibilities for your visual identity.

Business card mockups are essential tools for businesses and designers, offering a realistic preview of branding materials. These templates aid in presenting design concepts to clients and stakeholders, ensuring brand consistency, and gathering feedback effectively. They’re also cost-effective alternatives, saving time and resources while allowing for design experimentation.

Business card mockup with card box
Business card mockup with card box

What is a business card mockup?

A business card mockup is a digital template that depicts the final appearance of a printed business card. It provides a realistic representation of the design in multiple circumstances, such as different backdrops or surfaces. This application helps designers, marketers, and businesses visualise and communicate their design thoughts before proceeding with the printing process, allowing for fast feedback collection and assuring brand consistency while saving time and resources.

Types of Business Card Mockups

Business card mockups are available in digital, paper, and 3D formats, with each serving a specific purpose.

Digital mockups

Digital mockups are intended for online use and allow you to display your business card design on websites, social media platforms, and digital portfolios. They are commonly generated with graphic design tools and may be quickly shared and disseminated online.

Print Mockups

Print mockups let you see how your business card design would appear when printed on paper or cardstock because they are meant to be used for actual printing. Printers and designers frequently use them to preview completed products before sending them to print.

3D Mockups

3D mockups offer depth to your business card design, allowing you to present it in a realistic 3D setting. They are ideal for presentations and marketing materials, as they provide viewers with a more immersive experience.

Features & Options

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • Smart objects allow for quick and easy editing.
  • 1 PSD file.
  • Compress: 155 MB.
  • Smart objects for design.
  • All strata are organised, titled, and marked.

License: Free for personal and commercial use.

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