100 Layer FX Bundle

100 Layer Styles Bundle-Text Effects Set

Freepicker1 is excited to unveil their incredible “100 Layer Styles Bundle – Text Effects Set”! This expansive collection of text effects, completely free to Access, is designed to instantly elevate your graphic design projects.

Effortless Text Transformations

The “100 Layer Styles Bundle” offers a vast library of Photoshop layer styles, enabling you to effortlessly apply a wide range of effects to your text elements. From achieving a vintage aesthetic to creating a 3D illusion, metallic textures, or something entirely unique, this bundle empowers you to explore endless creative possibilities for your typography.

100 Layer Styles Bundle - Text Effects Set! free Access

Seamless Workflow Integration

The bundle provides not just the layer styles themselves (.ASL files) but also a generous amount of 14 folders, potentially containing additional resources like:

  • Sample PSD files: These files might showcase how the layer styles are constructed, allowing you to further customize them or gain insights into their structure.
  • Readme files: These could provide installation instructions or additional usage tips.
  • Preview images: These might visually demonstrate the range of text effects included in the bundle.

The entire set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and above, ensuring smooth integration into your existing design workflow.

100 Layer Styles Bundle - Text Effects Set! free Access

Compatibility Details:

Here’s a quick reference of the file details for your convenience:

  • File Type: Photoshop Layer Styles (.ASL)
  • Additional Files: 14 folders (contents may vary)
  • Compatible With:
    • File Formats: TIFF, PSD, JPG
    • Color Mode: CMYK,RGB
  • Minimum Software Version: Adobe Photoshop CS2 or above
100 Layer Styles Bundle - Text Effects Set! free Access

Pro Tip: Unleash your creativity! Experiment by combining different layer styles to create truly unique and captivating text effects.

Head over to freepicker1.com today and grab your free “100 Layer Styles Bundle“! Let loose your creative spirit and add a stunning touch to your next design project.

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